During these years of breedings with our dogs we obtained or produced:

9 italian champions

10 international champions

5 european champions

2 world champions

3 reproductor champions

5 foreign champions

We are introducing now some babies of our dogs among the most famous and titled ones:

Balzac Ch.Ital, Ch. Intern.,Ch.Wordl. Jr., Ch.Montecarlo, Ch.S.Marino, Ch.Europe ‘99

Gaitè Ch.Ital, Ch.Europe junior

Ciadoux Ch.Ital.,Ch.Intern.,Ch.Europe ‘98

Brujere Ch.Itali., Ch.S.Marino, Ch. Intern.
Morceau Ch.Italian, Ch.Intern

And at last the dog who has been recognized by Italy, France and Spain as one of the best Pyrenean Mountain Dog existing:

Mogadour Ch.Ital, Ch.Intern, Ch.World 2000