It was 1985 when we first heard about the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. We do not exactly know what spiced our curiosity throughout these dogs, we that have always had only Collies, maybe it was the ancient myth of the big white long haired dog that since we were children has been kept in our minds and hearts.
That is to say that, what happened few time later (our Collies died all together poisoned by an act so many absurd as many hateful) now appears quite as a destiny’s sign. Shattered by pain and wanting therefore to change race, we started looking for books and breedings that could allow us to better know these dogs.
We should say that it was not easy at all but at the end of our researches, already fallen in love with these white giants, we bought our first Pyrenean:
Today, after many years, we surely can affirm that living with these dogs which are so beautiful, so strong, so brave but at the same time extremely sweet, lovely, tender, incorruptible guardians, never servant but big, sincere, indivisible friends, ready to give their own life in change only of a caress. We were saying that living with a Pyrenean it’s a wonderful adventure that only the owner of one of them, has the fortune of understanding and feeling that.

And we thank God to be among those.


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